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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I need to keep this place more up to date ... random threads of thought ...

So lets see, Code::XtremeApps::, Tata Crucible, Claudia the MS lady ... to name a few things I didn't quite blog about. On the other side, there's Pagek and Python ...

Looking for internships now ... the MS thing would be neat ... the Apple one would be nice too ... also trugging along is the DORIS thing, hope the MHA is supportive, or it might not pan out ... Maybe continuing research over the winter might be an option ... maybe not.

CC-Monitor formally coming to a close soon. Kiveli about to retire ... and I might just do the research proposal ...

In other news, GMAIL rolls out new U/I [apparently for IE only ...] doesn't look much different, just a lighter shade of yellow, and wider screen-span. Oh, just noticed, new contact card on mouse-over ... kinda like the ones in G-talk ... and a "Filter messages like this" ... neat. Cool, "Add event invitation" in the compose window, though not very useful for me ... usually always have the calendar open anyways ...

I know these are random thoughts with little or no meaning, but whoever said this was meant to make any sense to you in the first place?

Buzz out loud and the other podcasts I am into right now ... Awesome! =)

okie, I'll close out with hoping he gets through the interview well and they hire him with no more hiccups ...

Monday, August 06, 2007

... and more ...

So a lot has happened since the post, lets recap ...

StarringSMU Part 1: This community service project (CSP) has been fun so far ... largely due to the people invovled ... it was nice to meet up with the freshmen, Kelvin(s), Saurav, Xue Shan, Michelle ... all seem like fun people. Also nice to be working with Kang wei, Darren, Ailina, Yulin and others whom I didn't get to work with directly in MetamorphoSIS. It also introduced me to Friendster (no, I already knew it existed, but now I am member).

Enter 'aYgur': I met this guy during the freshmen meet-up lunch and he's pretty interesting. I might end up working with him on some projects. Well that's all abt him, he'd like to remain "low-profile". Note : name obfuscated for the same reason.

Philip goes home: Philip's gone back ... so now I need to find someone to go swimming with ... then again, school will re-open soon. Anyways, it was fun while he was around ... doing stuff like watching "Life of Brian" in a meeting room with the Dell speakers. Hope to stay in touch with him.

Image of Philip & Anna here.

MetamorphoSIS 2007The SIS Orientation Camp just ended yester-to-day so the memories are still very fresh. Well all in all it was fun and the freshmen enjoyed themselves. It was interesting to see though the dynamics of the team morph and play out during the camp. It was really nice to work

: Super-woman, can be the I/C of three things concurrently
Don: Stay rational, stay calm
Felix: "May I know, who needs the broom?" Seriously, really nice to work with you. If I had just a word, it'd be 'focused'
Marylin: Nice to get to know you, always working, never say die
Maoyuan: Look, it's Flash-god!
Mark: Nice working with you dude, lets see if I can find time to help you guys with the video
Aaron: It's you again, didn't we get enough of you @ WWDC? No way! It was nice working with you again :)
Melinie: Vice-Chair and Secretary - a 2 in 1 combo, nice job of meticulous planning.
Alex: "Where can I help?"
Duan Jie: "Could you give me honest feedback for the games ..."
Dave: "Bro, can help me do ... am really busy today? Thanks Bro." BTW, thanks for the flour!
Andy Soh: Egg-head! Sorry couldn't resist the temptation. Thanks for making the camp fun and lively. It was really nice getting to know you through the camp and look forward to working with you again on more exciting endeavours. All the effort and work you put into the camp will surely be remembered all of us and all the grateful freshmen! :)
Long Meetings and Sleepless nights.
Andy Williams: The cheerleader! "Everyone, repeat after me ... Do as I say ... Early morning, late at night, the org comm charges out to fight, singing, Chiku-cha Chiku-cha Chiku-cha-cha-cha" ... nice work on the clue sheets man
An Dien: The Game-boy ... BTW, I agree; numbered shirts would've been cool. Anyways, no more printing for An Dien, ever!
Ivan: Nice job with the games ... and putting up with An Dien's antics! ;)
Jaclyn: Frisbee girl ... nice work on the family day planning ... 'ReSIStor table'
Aditya: Why can't the speech be PRISM-style? On a completely different topic, good work on the sponsorship ... more-or-less ... :)
Zulikha: "I am the I/C, I think ..." Good job taking charge back then ... I seriously don't mind sleeping on the stage for the team, if that's what it takes.
Gua Hao: Hope your internship wasn't affected too much by the camp
Shun Ping: You'd better ace CAT now :P
Vivek: Hope you had fun in California, we could've used an extra hand at the camp though.
Kang Wei: Will see you @ StarringSMU part 2 ...
Ce-wei: Thanks for the lift and all the hard work, the log team rocked!
Wei fung: "Smile, don't worry, you'll be OK"
Augustine: The safety and health guy, who wouldn't eat bananas and go sky-diving?
Cheryl: The happy faci, happy leader ... smile more!
Fredric: It was nice getting to know you during our retreat, too bad you couldn't find time to enjoy the camp with us.
Darren: I'll see you @ StarringSIS ... :)

Also nice getting to know Yulin, Yeena, Ailina, Nicholas, Kelvin[s], Saurav, Xue Shan, Ayush, Navin, Yash, Alex Chong and other folks whose name I don't quite know / remember ....

So, what's next? StarringSMU part 2 - National Day Parade, Human Flag formation, that's day after on the 8th to the 10th ... more on that later.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

And now for something completely different ... TDM Intro.

Muzik :: Fergie - Big Girls Don't Cry ... [Philip got me hearing this] / Kelly Clarkson - Never Again
Mood :: Marginally pleased
Podcast :: The Sceptics Guide to the Universe
[This could take a while, a 100 over episodes]
Book :: Freakonomics Tipping Point
[... and no time to read :( ... Malcolm Gladwell is good]
Series :: Monty Python [Yes, all of them =)]

So we meet the guys with the tagline: "We Wanna Create an Addictive Culture of Sharing, Enterprise & Innovation!" ... The Digital Movement.

Suprise suprise, they're all students ... yes they forgot to mention that on their blog [maybe by design]. Anyways, not quite what I had in mind. Though they seem to friendly and fun people and would cool working with them. Maybe I'll even end up joining them!

We should be collaborating on at least the CC-Singapore Launch ... more on that on my wordpress blog! =) ... later

Hmmm, started with the Monty Python series and well "it's completely different" ;) ... will try and get hold of a classroom and see "the life of Brian" on the projector with Philip and others interested.

That's all for now ...

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Friday, June 29, 2007

WWDC 07 trip [the images are in ...]

Muzik :: Radio.Blog.Gadget [for Google Deskbar]
Mood :: Trying to get myself to work ... we've all been there.
Podcast :: The Sceptics Guide to the Universe || Mr. Brown's Show
Book :: Freakonomics
Series :: Pinky and the Brain

That's me in San Fran ... don't I look cool in red?

I'll be uploading most of the pics on to the page setup by Leon. Interestingly I bumped into Jit today and he was asking for the pics too ...

Hmmm, well it's back to work now, with the internal presentation looming closer by the day [it's on the 18th of July] I need to start the Yahoo dictionary search for CC content and try and plot the data from the CC-Mixter community in a social network analysis tool. BTW Mike's and our presentations from the i-commons summit can be found here.

Also thanks to Steve's interest in the Interactive Digital Media, Special Interest Group that I am to initiate I'll be meeting with folks from TDM [The Digital Movement]. I'll see if I can get them to help us with the launch of the Singapore CC licenses.

I also need to work on the stuff for MetamorphoSIS 07, like setting up a registration system which is quick and easy to use.

I guess I'll have to get something to watch soon, I've seen all 4 seasons of "Penn and Teller: Bullshit" (worth the watch) and I am left with only 5 un-watched episodes of Pinky and the Brain. Which basically means I need to get myself more storage space.

Oh and I am planning to finishing off my comm serv this term through the largest CSP undertaken by SMU titled "Starring SMU".

Well here's another pic from San Fran, this one is from the Stanford campus we visited. The 2 folks standing predominantly visible are a married couple with the guy being a prof in a poly ... a say in "a" poly since I've forgotten which one ... sorry :P

And yes the campus does look church-ish at places but I guess it's just too difficult to escape religion in any /every walk of life that one eventually either just gives in, becomes a skeptic or comes up with their own ... I, BTW am a Pastafarian. =)

So here are the folks we spent most of the time at San Fran with ... that's SMU and NTU guys and gals [respectively ;) ] except for Jit ... remember the guy I told you about asking for photos ... anyways ...

And a final pic to prove I really did go to San Fran and the pics are from there [No, I am not that good with photoshop ... yet!]

That's all for now ... more to follow soon [hopefully] =)

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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Muzik :: Evanescence - Imaginary (watch my purple sky fly over me)
Mood :: Mundane
Book :: None :(
Series :: Bullshit || Pinky and the Brain

Yep, been all over the place just to attend WWDC 07 [Photos coming soon]. It was great fun, though Seattle was fun too, more so because of the folks at Seattle - "Sina is a fish out of water."

So basically (to cut a long story short) found a round about way to make it to WWDC and back and in turn missed going to the CC i-commons summit in Croatia [not enough time to get both visas stamped].

So what next? Co-authoring another paper for CC-Monitor, doing another project for SCB I-Lab and possibly going back to SFO to meet with Mike and other CC folk, reps from Google, Yahoo and the internet archive. And then there is the Orientation camp - metamorphosis, community service and bunch of other things ...

Started swimming now, planning to go on all weekdays with Philip [the German guy whom I am helping out with VBA for his masters project :P]

Okie thats the general picture as of now. Here's something I noticed, flip almost anything around and half the time [irrespective of what it is] it reads the words in fine print "Made In China". Here are a couple of things which I successfully tried it with:

Google Key-chain
Space needle souvenir from Seattle
Seal soft toy souvenir from Golden Gate bridge
Apple water bottle

and the list goes on ... FYI This blog was written in Singapore ... NOT China!

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